Duck Thru Rewards Benefits

Earn FREE products by simply purchasing the required number of that item.

Current Clubs:

  • Pepsi Family Club – 20 oz. (buy 9 get 1 free) Excluding Aquafina
  • Red Bull Club – 12 oz. (buy 9 get 1 free)
  • Niagara Water Club – 20 oz. (buy 9 get 1 free)
  • Fountain/Tea/Lemonade Club- Any size (buy 6 get 1 free)
  • Coffee Club- Hot & Iced, any size (buy 6 get 1 free) Including Duck Thru Mug Refills
  • Hershey Bar Club- King Size (buy 9 get 1 free)

As a member of Duck Thru Rewards, you can take advantage of special pricing on select items by simply using your Duck Thru Rewards Card.

Current pricing specials:

  • All dispensed beverages, any size – 20¢ off
    • Fountain/Tea/Lemonade Drinks
    • Iced Coffee/Hot Coffee (excluding Duck Thru Mug Refills)
    • Frozen Beverages (Frazil)
  • All gasoline fill ups – 5¢ off per gallon (up to 30 gallons) 
  • Buy our best carwash – receive 25¢ off per gallon (up to 30 gallons) 

As a member of Duck Thru Rewards, you will be able to earn points on money spent inside our stores and gasoline purchases. For every dollar spent in a store, you will earn 20 points (does not include tobacco, e-cigs, lottery, phone cards, money orders, or Shell gift cards). For every gallon pumped, you will earn 10 points.

You must have the Duck Thru Rewards App to redeem points.

500 points: Niagara water – 20 oz
750 points: Hot Stuff cookie
1000 points: 5¢ fuel savings (up to 30 gallons)
1500 points: any 20 oz. Pepsi family
2000 points: 1.625-4.5 oz. Lays chips
2000 points: 28 oz Gatorade
2000 points: King Size Snicker bar
2000 points: 15¢ fuel savings (up to 30 gallons)
2500 points: F’Real shake or smoothie
3000 points: 25¢ fuel savings (up to 30 gallons)
5000 points: Hot Stuff or Hangar 54 Personal Pan Pizza

Enjoy a free fountain drink  of any size for your birthday!

When signing up for Duck Thru Rewards, you have the option to add your date of birth in order take advantage of this offer.

After you register your Duck Thru Rewards card or app, you will earn 25¢ off per gallon on your first fill up, up to 30 gallons.

Registration Offer may take up to 24 hours after registration!

How to Register

Enroll in Duck Thru Rewards to earn fuel discounts, member pricing, loyalty rewards, and exclusive promotions. Sign up online, in-store, or download the Duck Thru Reward’s mobile app. Once you’ve enrolled, reward points are automatically loaded to your account.

Download our FREE app on your phone or mobile device!